Happy wednesday beautiful people! when i get asked how did i start acting or what made me want to become an actor, my answer is “i was born one!” I know it may sound a bit cliche, but it is true. you see i was supposed to be a girl. my parents bought everything and was anxious to see their little girl pop out instead out came me. i hid myself for 9 months. i say this jokingly of course that i was born an actor. honestly, i can say that it was one of the things i was born to do.

when i was growing up, i would play with my toys a lot! i was very into wwf/wwe and loved collecting the action figures. i would use them in full length feature films, t.v. shows, and commercials. this became an obsession. i had a long list of projects and scripts i would write myself. my brothers, sister, and i would also make home movies. this is where i fell in love with directing as well. I loved having effects such as water, fire and soy sauce for blood on my figures; something that my parents weren’t too happy about. I continued to grow a love for film and the entertainment business. Throughout my childhood i enjoyed making people laugh, impersonating voices of characters, and always pretending i was somewhere else. having my mom as the walking, breathing, hollywood reporter was another aspect that kept me up to speed and craving to enter into that world. I played a lot of sports growing up but never missed an opportunity to participate in plays and show choir. My fear of public speaking held me back. i would never let it ruin my performance in whatever i did, but having it was always a huge burden. i continued to let my worries of what people thought of me effect my conscience. it all changed when i started taking public speaking classes in college.

I lost sight of my entertainment dream and pursued other passions of mine, which are food and fitness. I choose to excel in everything i do, because i am given full capability to do so. The itch to be a filmmaker came back to me while i was modeling. I ended up back where i started and feel this is right where i need to be. everything happens for a reason. I was not meant to pursue my acting career at that time because i was too scared, doubtful, and intimidated. Now I dive head first. i have learned that without risks, choices are just actions. i have dreams, goals, and aspirations. I am blessed to be able to go after them with everything i have, so why not?!! If you were to ask me a few years ago where i would be now, i would never have guessed here. but i would not change it for the world. I choose to inspire and motivate people through my passions of acting, food, and fitness. go after your passions! make your voices heard! Don’t be afraid to fail. learn from your failures and create bigger opportunities for yourself. never take advice from someone you would not trade places with! until next time folks. be blessed!