Happy Wednesday! this is the beginning of a series. i wanted to begin by saying your are special. you are unique, and you are beautiful. no one can do what you do as good as you can do it! you are extremely unique with many gifts from god. we tend to not want to be near those who disagree with our views, talk down to us, or criticize us. i tell you to listen to these people. don’t just hear them, actually listen to them. now, i am not saying believe them. what you do with the information (false/true) people say is up to you, but i encourage you to listen and learn. you will learn so much about yourself from listening to others. listening to different views will allow you to see things from others point of views. we are all stuck in our own little box and perception is everything. continue to let your box grow and flourish with knowledge.

listen to those who talk down or criticize you. listen to the jealous and the envious. this will help you become a better person. understand that they are not right and use that negative energy to excel. negative energy is a waste. there is nothing beneficial that can come of it. you must choose to learn from that energy. do you believe what they say? why? what can you do to see the change within yourself? leave be those who aim to bring you down so they can be brought up. make your enemies your foot stool. make your actions heard. they will be the ones listening then. be blessed. until next time…