Recently winning Best Actor Award Danny is known for his strong presence on screen and the stage. His expressions really capture the audience and makes them relate to his characters. Danny stars in 93 Miles; which has been accepted into Cannes Film Festival and a host of others. He has credits which include Feature Thriller; “Nowhere, Alaska” and “The Cry.” Since residing in Los Angeles Danny has honed his craft with Ivana Chubbuck and Margie Haber.

The magic for Danny started very early, as he would create and direct full movies and shows with his action figures. He grew up in Chicago, where his passion for performance all began with his roles in musicals and show choir. 

Danny is an Actor, Published Model, Host, and Entrepreneur. He hosts an inspirational and motivational podcast titled “Why Wait?” Livng by the motto ‘Born to Inspire’, he not only pushes himself; but others towards their goals as well. Danny’s love for his family is one of his greatest motivators. He truly cherishes the love and support of his family and friends. With God on his side, NOTHING is impossible!! Only positive vibes on this site.

Danny volunteers at Nerative and Story Tellers; writers programs for young talented people. He is vegan and promotes a healthy lifestyle providing meal prep and apparel through his company. Danny is also an advocate against childhood obesity and child sex-trafficking. both topics he is truly passionate about.